Tuesday, December 31, 2013

14 Resolutions for 2014

Looking back on my New Year resolutions for 2013, I wonder if I was high. I had to know that there was no way that I was going to accomplish about 85% of those resolutions. I mean come on, "Drink more tea, less coffee"? Let's be serious.

That, along with "write a screenplay," "write a short story," "write an article for a national magazine" and "write every day." I GET IT. I wanted to write a lot! Well, to be fair, that did happen until June, when I got a real job and did not have the eight excess hours a day to fool around on the computer at the coffee shop. Oh, and "Buy a fancy camera"? How is that even a resolution?!

Obviously, my priorities back in January 2013 are very different from what they are now. Judging from the rest of my post, I was clearly very desperate for a job and scrambling for the meaning of living in LA. Let's do a year in review, shall we?

Well for starters, I managed to live in Hollywood for a year and not kill myself or be killed. So that's an all-star accomplishment unto itself. I made it my goal for six months to do something new every day and actually did it— resulting in me learning more about city of Angels than I ever would have dreamt of. Looking back, there were definitely some really confusing moments where I doubted pretty much my entire existence, including my decision in moving cross country, but they were also the most adventurous and fun that I've ever had as well. Well worth it in my opinion.

And in that time, I even managed to actually succeed in one resolution: "Create something that goes viral." Who knew that Robin Thicke was my answer to five minutes of fame? I also started a new sport: Zumba. And if you try to argue that Zumba is not a sport, then I ask you to shake your booty and hips for a hour and see how you feel.

Then came the reigning moment when I finally got a job. Given, it was not a salary one like I was hoping for, but that turned out to be more of a blessing than a curse in retrospect. And now my mind revolves around wax figures– around Britney's hair and Miley Cyrus' new tattoo. Things certainly have changed and never would my 21-year-old self have thought that I would be selling fake celebrities for a living. Neither, for that matter, that I would have a steady boyfriend right now. Or that I met his parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I can see my former self gulping in anxiety as I write this...

Yes, things have definitely taken a turn in my life this year. I'll look back on it and remember it as the year that I got my first real job in the big city. I'll look at it as a year of struggles, self-identity crises, and also self-development as well.

And now for the New Year resolutions. Hopefully I won't look back at these at the end of the year and shake my head like last year: