Sunday, July 21, 2013

Are Asian girlfriends the new Hipster trend?

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Start rant: it? Now I think it's safe to say that hipsters are predominately of the Caucasian race, and I couldn't help but notice how many hipster men around L.A. lately have Asian girlfriends. I'm not just saying men...Asian exoticism has been one of the top fetishes for years now. No, I'm talking about a very specific breed of men: I'm talking pretentious coffee drinking, thick-rimmed glasses and tight pants wearing, men.

I see you— I see you Instagramming pictures of you and your first generation, Southern Pacific girlfriend hiking Runyon and replaying the bench scene from 500 days of Summer on Angels Knoll. I see you making playful jokes on Facebook about how petite she is, and how cute it is when she gets red from drinking. I gag a little when I see you eating Pho or Korean BBQ together to "get to know her culture."

Well I've got news for you boys...I don't like being a trend. No, I don't appreciate you making me the next Snapchat, and I personally guarantee that I will have a public fit of outrage if I ever see #myasiangf trending on Twitter. 

Don't get me wrong, give me a white boy and 90% of the time I will be on them like white on rice; I love white boys. What I don't love, however, is that the awesomeness of interracial couples has been reduced to this summer's new collection. Since when does the race of your significant other serve as a fashion statement? I don't get it.

I've seen the rise of other ethnic girlfriends as well— Hispanic, African-American, and Persian. A part of me loves the increase in interracial couples, but I want it to be for REAL. Not saying that these couples aren't really in love— I just want to make sure that they are actually serious about these women and not just taking them home to Mommy and Daddy so that they can talk later about "that exotic girlfriend you had that one time."

And...end rant. 

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  1. how you gonna bitch about this then say you love white men