Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shit People Say in Hollywood 3

The second night that I was in L.A., we went to WeHo.
When we came back, my friend's car  was burned to smithereens. 

Does anyone ever pick up their dog poop here?

Are you on OkCupid? Plenty of Fish?

Have you seen my IMBD profile yet?

Those street hotdog vendors smell so good...

Calm down people, stop your honking!

I wanna go dancing tonight!

What kind of tats do you have?

Do you think that man gets paid to clean the Walk of Fame, or is he just crazy?

Do you think that homeless guy will want my leftovers?

Ugh, it's so smoggy out!

Hey where are you living now?

Those AMDA kids are so annoying...

That's the fourth police siren I've heard today!

Did you hear about that shooting in front of Colony?

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