Monday, March 18, 2013

Do something new everyday: Week 5

Did I mention that club crawling was my job? Happy St. Patrick's Day folks!

1. Monday: Wacko/Soap Plant
I. Love. This. Bookstore. Yes, even more than Skylight, more than the Last Bookstore (it's too much), and definitely more than any rinky-dink Barnes and Nobles. Even though it's pretty spacious, it's not too big that you get lost, like Amoeba or any Forever 21 ever. There's an art gallery in the back and there's SO many cool trinkets and gadgets that you could find a gift for just about anyone here. Warning: they make you leave your purses and bags at the counter...they even took my coffee last time, but it was worth seeing the Jesus, Mary and Joseph shot glasses set on the display table.

2. Tuesday: California Science Center
Shit is free. The most obviously rad thing here is the Space Shuttle Endeavor, but the other exhibits have enough hands-on activities that'll keep you busy for hours. For example, I literally watched a chicken hatch from it's egg for about 30 minutes...and I'm not ashamed. They also have some cool rides and activities that cost an extra two or five dollars.

3. Wednesday: Cafectico Organico
This little gem has been added to one of my favorite coffeeshops, even though I have to take a train to Silver Lake to get to it. It's tucked away down a street, but the coffee is cheap, the Internet free and the outlets widely accessible. Because of its location, it's never as busy as some other coffeeshops in Hollywood, which is a nice change. There's even a gelato shop next door in case you are craving something sweet.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons. 

4. Thursday: Vista Theater
Going to this movie theater makes me mad that I ever went to Arclight and paid $16 a ticket in the first place. A Matinee ticket is only $6.50 and boy, is it worth it. There is only one movie playing at a time, but the theater is ginormous— about the same as seeing a movie at Paramount Studios. There is a very grand and old-time Hollywood feel to the theater and the service.

5. Sunday: Temecula Bluegrass Festival
I think I went to see a bluegrass band maybe once when I was working at Encore Magazine back in Wilmington, but I'm pretty sure that at least three years ago. My friend told me about this festival and invited me as an alternative to staying in L.A. Since it was St. Patrick's Day and I was in need of something different, I was all for it. And of course, it was free. To my surprise, it was AMAZING. One of the things I love about bluegrass the most is that it is just a group of people (mostly men, regrettably),  pickin' away casually at their instruments and filling the lulls between songs with humorous repertoire. There's a laid-back feel to the songs that make you want to feel the grass on your toes and the sun on your back. I could have sworn I was back in the South.

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