Monday, March 11, 2013

Do something new everyday: Week 4

Sorry for the pregnant pause in blogging folks— all I can say is that I blame the post Oscar blues and the freaky rain/hail that fell on Los Angeles last week. Anyways, we are back in business! Here is what  I DID manage to do last week:

I've only been to Manhattan Beach once before and that was at night where I only went to a handful of some small dive bars. In daytime, it remarkably reminded me of my home in Wilmington, NC and the charm of Wrightsville Beach. After changing out of my interview clothes in my car awkwardly, I had a leisurely stroll around the boardwalk and down the wide pier. The view was glorious, and it was good to finally feel sand beneath my feet for a while. There's also a delicious creamery shop near the water that has bangin' red velvet ice cream. 

My FAVORITE museum by far! They have this awesome thing called Free Tuesday (self-explanatory), so there's really no reason to pay for admission if you can make it during the week. This place was absolutely massive and took me about three hours altogether. It's the kind of the museum that has a whole bunch of hands-on activities and fun learning tools that makes you want to shove kids out of the way...until you realize that you're an adult. You can get lost in their bird exhibit and I got to see two beetles having sex in the insect zoo, so this was probably the highlight of my week. 

The 'Bun Cha Gio,' aka spring rolls with rice noodles. 

Wednesday: Pho Cafe
Probably the best pho that I've had in Los Angeles so far. Located in Silver Lake, it's easy to miss because the name is not on the building. There is no name; the only reason why I knew it's called Pho Cafe is because of the menu and tracking it down on Yelp. It's one of those hole in the wall places that has a line out the door at odd hours and always seems to be packed full. The service is quick though, and the prices very cheap. Bring cash because they don't take cards! 

This museum, like the National History Museum, is located in Exposition Park and has free admission every day. There are fewer exhibits than I expected, but it specifically talks about African American culture and art in Los Angeles and California. They also hold a lot of lectures and events for Women's History Month, which I thought was pretty rad. 

Mammy! Photo by Wikimedia Commons

My roommate got yet another extra ticket for the theater, this time at a quaint and intimate little theater that is snuck behind a cafe. This time it was to see "Hattie...What I Need You to Know," an one-woman bio-musical that is written and performed by the one and only Ms. Vickilyn Reynolds. The play tells the true story of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American actor to win an Academy Award for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind. My next goal is to find her two stars (one for radio and one for acting in motion pictures) on the Walk of Fame...

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