Monday, March 25, 2013

Do something new every day: Week 6

BIG news ladies and gentlemen— I finally got a J-O-B!!! It's a full-time, 8-5 job and I am beyond excited. On the down side, there is no way that I can do something new every day with my new routine schedule, so this will be the last week unfortunately. Moral of the story is to take advantage of your unemployment as much as possible because most likely you won't have that chance again for a while! However, I can always do something new on the weekends, right?

Sunday (St. Patrick's Day): Old Town Temecula
Why go to somewhere called Old Town Temecula you probably would ask? Because my friend told me to, and it happened to be where the Bluegrass Festival was being held. Considering I haven't heard bluegrass since I still lived in N.C.— not to mention I desperate wanted to escape the madness that was Hollywood, I was all for going. The music was actually VERY good, along with the location itself, despite the fact that I was among the youngest in the audience (most brought their walkers and canes to the festival). They had a diverse sample of musicians, ranging from Grammy winners to youngsters still in high school. The actual town was quaint and charming, offering great food, antique shops and boutiques.

My Couchsurfing friend from Flagstaff arrived today and wanted to go shopping, so we decided to try this mall. Conveniently, this was also when I got the email that I had gotten the job, which I immediately treated myself to a new purse and some leggings that actually don't have runs in them. The mall is pretty big in size, and the shops considerably more affordable than the Beverly Center or The Grove. Parking is also FREE (shocking, I know).

Tuesday: Pimai It's Thai
The lunch special is $6.50, and the food is absolutely delectable— that's all I'm saying.

An open-air market, this place is in the middle of Downtown L.A. and across the street from Angel's Knoll, as well as the Pershing Square Metro station. If you ever are seeking weird delicacies like shark meat, you can find it here. It's mostly filled with Chinese and Mexican vendors and markets where you can get local vegetables and fruit. They close at 6pm though, so it's a more popular place for lunch. 

Didn't actually get to get a picture of Abbot Kinney, but I did get a couple of the beach. 

Thursday: Abbot Kinney
AMAZING! Every time I go to Venice Beach I love it more— there really is no end to my infactuation with that place. I had been meaning to go to Abbot Kinney for a while now, though my ultimate goal is to make it to their First Friday's. It basically like another Melrose, but in a different location. It's filled with very hip, alternative and yes, expensive stores and restaurants. They also have the most amazing Tom's store ever where they sell shoes in a coffee shop (basically two of my most favorite things ever combined).

Friday: Korean Barbeque
I actually don't even remember the name of this place, because my cousin and her boyfriend took me there. Once I was inside, I was too distracted by the fondue-like dining stations they had around the place. Everyone has been saying that the fact that I haven't had Korean food besides kimchi is a blasphemy, so I finally did. Korean BBQ is set up so that you can cook your own meat, and then eat with an assortment of different sides and sauces and rice. Pork belly, in fact, turned out to be my favorite. I wish I could tell you which side dishes were good and bad, but I don't know what any of them are, and couldn't begin to describe what the ingredients even are. 

The "waterfall." 
The picture doesn't do the view justice, but what looks like blue sky is definitely the Pacific Ocean.
WOW, what a hike! The girls and I took the route to the "waterfall," which turned out to be a small stream going down some big rocks. After that, however, we continued on a loop around to the base of the mountain, which in total took us almost three hours. Even though the uphill climb nearly killed me, the view at the top was definitely worth it. You can see the ocean and the Santa Monica Pier, and going downhill actually is fun when you're going at a brisk pace.

After meeting the Artistic Director in Greystone Mansion, I've been looking forward to going to see a play at Theatre 40, and I finally got my chance this week. The theatre itself is very small and located in the back of Beverly Hills High School. As for the play itself, it was a warm drama that focused on the budding love between two elder widowers, set in Northern Ireland. The acting was fantastic, the story heartfelt, and the English and Irish accents on point.  

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