Monday, March 4, 2013

Do something new every day: Week 3

After the weekend I got sick, so I did less active things towards the end of the month. Damn you allergies.

Saturday: L.A. Zoo 
In all honesty, the North Carolina Zoo was way better than this, but L.A. treated it like it was a theme park. First of all, NEVER go to the zoo on a Saturday afternoon. The line was ridiculous despite my thinking that no one really took this zoo seriously. Located in Griffith Park, the grounds are big enough that it could take all day. The main exhibits were the Asian elephants, gorillas, and the LAIR, which they housed all the amphibians, including a clinic where they housed baby snakes.

Sunday: The Old Zoo
This place is super cool. It's a nice little park area where the old Los Angeles zoo was, so you can literally walk around in the empty animal habitats from decades ago. It has a little bit of a creepy feel, but it also is a great place to go exploring and hiking. The trails are not that strenuous, but you can always branch off to the more serious hikes close by.

In historic Echo Park, Angelino Heights is made up of elegant Victorian-era residences, including the house in the TV show Charmed.

Monday: Greystone Mansion
This Beverly Hills mansion allows the public to walk around their gardens and yard. Although you can't actually go inside the mansion, there is still a lot to see. The view of LA absolutely breathtaking and since there are lot of benches, I did some reading while I was on the grounds. I even met a delightful man who happened to be the Managing Director and Artistic Director of Theater 40. He told that his theater put on a production every year where Greystone allowed the public to actually go indoors. The play, which is called "The Manor," is an exciting drama of history and mystery based on the true murder that took place at Greystone. Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be attending come July!

Tuesday: Los Angeles Central Public Library
I forgot what going to the library was like. I forgot how satisfying it was to own a library card. UNTIL NOW. My roommate recommended this library because 1. It has FIVE floors and 2. It has five floors. Need I say more? It was like being in college again and having my own little cubicle to study and read in. Except for the Internet...the wifi blows.

Boba 7
After checking out Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and getting frustrated with the wifi, I decided to get some actual work done at Boba 7, where I must say the Internet is much, much better. This little hole in the wall is located in the very back of an Asian restaurant and has only been open 8 months. The Boba is fantastic and you will get a free upgrade in size if you check in there on Facebook!

Wednesday: It's Pho
Never go here. Seriously, it put's my Vietnamese heritage to shame. I got a Bun Thit Nuong and the noodles were overcooked and as we Viets know, the noodles make the dish. Also, the menu said that the correct pronunciation of Pho was (fir). Incorrect.

Thursday: Caffe Etc.
For a person that basically lives at coffeeshops, I'm surprised that I haven't been to this one yet. It's surprisingly pretty roomy and has a full newstand where you can take a magazine and read at your pleasure.

Friday: The Abbey
So ever since the first day that I was in Los Angeles, I was told that The Abbey was a must-see. Located in Weho, it obviously is a gay club, though according to a friend "it's less gay now." On a Friday night, the club is PACKED. It's filled with go-go dancers in see-through tighty whities who will wow you by climbing on the ceiling beams and hump the roof. At least I was impressed. What was more, a guy even gave me a white rose the end of the night. If only straight men treated me the way gay men do...

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