Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shit People Say in Hollywood 3

The second night that I was in L.A., we went to WeHo.
When we came back, my friend's car  was burned to smithereens. 

Does anyone ever pick up their dog poop here?

Are you on OkCupid? Plenty of Fish?

Have you seen my IMBD profile yet?

Those street hotdog vendors smell so good...

Calm down people, stop your honking!

I wanna go dancing tonight!

What kind of tats do you have?

Do you think that man gets paid to clean the Walk of Fame, or is he just crazy?

Do you think that homeless guy will want my leftovers?

Ugh, it's so smoggy out!

Hey where are you living now?

Those AMDA kids are so annoying...

That's the fourth police siren I've heard today!

Did you hear about that shooting in front of Colony?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Do something new every day: Week 6

BIG news ladies and gentlemen— I finally got a J-O-B!!! It's a full-time, 8-5 job and I am beyond excited. On the down side, there is no way that I can do something new every day with my new routine schedule, so this will be the last week unfortunately. Moral of the story is to take advantage of your unemployment as much as possible because most likely you won't have that chance again for a while! However, I can always do something new on the weekends, right?

Sunday (St. Patrick's Day): Old Town Temecula
Why go to somewhere called Old Town Temecula you probably would ask? Because my friend told me to, and it happened to be where the Bluegrass Festival was being held. Considering I haven't heard bluegrass since I still lived in N.C.— not to mention I desperate wanted to escape the madness that was Hollywood, I was all for going. The music was actually VERY good, along with the location itself, despite the fact that I was among the youngest in the audience (most brought their walkers and canes to the festival). They had a diverse sample of musicians, ranging from Grammy winners to youngsters still in high school. The actual town was quaint and charming, offering great food, antique shops and boutiques.

My Couchsurfing friend from Flagstaff arrived today and wanted to go shopping, so we decided to try this mall. Conveniently, this was also when I got the email that I had gotten the job, which I immediately treated myself to a new purse and some leggings that actually don't have runs in them. The mall is pretty big in size, and the shops considerably more affordable than the Beverly Center or The Grove. Parking is also FREE (shocking, I know).

Tuesday: Pimai It's Thai
The lunch special is $6.50, and the food is absolutely delectable— that's all I'm saying.

An open-air market, this place is in the middle of Downtown L.A. and across the street from Angel's Knoll, as well as the Pershing Square Metro station. If you ever are seeking weird delicacies like shark meat, you can find it here. It's mostly filled with Chinese and Mexican vendors and markets where you can get local vegetables and fruit. They close at 6pm though, so it's a more popular place for lunch. 

Didn't actually get to get a picture of Abbot Kinney, but I did get a couple of the beach. 

Thursday: Abbot Kinney
AMAZING! Every time I go to Venice Beach I love it more— there really is no end to my infactuation with that place. I had been meaning to go to Abbot Kinney for a while now, though my ultimate goal is to make it to their First Friday's. It basically like another Melrose, but in a different location. It's filled with very hip, alternative and yes, expensive stores and restaurants. They also have the most amazing Tom's store ever where they sell shoes in a coffee shop (basically two of my most favorite things ever combined).

Friday: Korean Barbeque
I actually don't even remember the name of this place, because my cousin and her boyfriend took me there. Once I was inside, I was too distracted by the fondue-like dining stations they had around the place. Everyone has been saying that the fact that I haven't had Korean food besides kimchi is a blasphemy, so I finally did. Korean BBQ is set up so that you can cook your own meat, and then eat with an assortment of different sides and sauces and rice. Pork belly, in fact, turned out to be my favorite. I wish I could tell you which side dishes were good and bad, but I don't know what any of them are, and couldn't begin to describe what the ingredients even are. 

The "waterfall." 
The picture doesn't do the view justice, but what looks like blue sky is definitely the Pacific Ocean.
WOW, what a hike! The girls and I took the route to the "waterfall," which turned out to be a small stream going down some big rocks. After that, however, we continued on a loop around to the base of the mountain, which in total took us almost three hours. Even though the uphill climb nearly killed me, the view at the top was definitely worth it. You can see the ocean and the Santa Monica Pier, and going downhill actually is fun when you're going at a brisk pace.

After meeting the Artistic Director in Greystone Mansion, I've been looking forward to going to see a play at Theatre 40, and I finally got my chance this week. The theatre itself is very small and located in the back of Beverly Hills High School. As for the play itself, it was a warm drama that focused on the budding love between two elder widowers, set in Northern Ireland. The acting was fantastic, the story heartfelt, and the English and Irish accents on point.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Women to Celebrate

So in case you haven't heard, March is Women's History Month. Woop woop! I'm a little late on International Women's Day (March 8), but I decided to compile a list of 10 women that I personally think should be celebrated and rejoiced for a full 31 days (and hopefully the other 334 days too).

Authored by Margaret Sanger. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

1. Margaret Sanger: Or in other words, contraception's Mother Teresa who brought Planned Parenthood to fruition. So every time you pop that pill or celebrate your sexual libido, thank Margaret.

 Photo via Wikimedia Commons

2. Hillary Rodham Clinton: Guess who might be the first woman President come 2016? It sure isn't Sarah Palin, I'm telling you that. And even if she isn't President, Hillary still made a stellar Secretary of State.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

3. Eve Ensler: As a former Vagina Monologues director and cast member, Eve Ensler and her global movement to end sexual harassment and assault will forever live on in my mind. Also, what other monologue am I going to rattle off in my brain when I go to the gynecologist besides "My Angry Vagina"?

Drool. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

4. Jennifer Lawrence: She won her first Academy Award at 22 years old (the second-youngest to ever win an Oscar in that category), plays the badass heroine Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, and is America's new sweetheart. Jack Nicholson loves her and so does everyone else. She has just the right amount of spunk and honest wittiness that Hollywood is missing.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

5. Pink: I mean...homegirl has been true to herself since the 90's. Don't tell me you don't start singing whenever "So What," "Don't Let Me Get Me" and "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" come on the radio. They are catchy, full of sass and has this crass kind of humor that you can't help but appreciate in pop music. Did I mention she just doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons. 
6. Tina Fey: Queen of comedy, and general boss lady who somehow juggled being a cast member on SNL, a mother, a writer, and a producer of her very own show, 30 Rock. I someday wish to be half as spectacular as you are.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

7. Mindy Kaling: As we all know, my personal hero. Way to let me know that I can write my own role and be responsible for my own destiny, Mindy. You inspire me and every other non-stick-figure Asian trying to make it out in Hollywood.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
8. Oprah: She's Oprah...do I even need to give a reason?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons
9. Ellen Degeneres: The only person who I suspect will take Oprah's place whenever she dies (which may not actually ever happen). Who doesn't love Ellen besides the religious? And even then, they are probably pissed that they can't like her. She's managed to set a standard of talk-show comedy and activism that no one has ever been able to mimic.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

10. Gloria Steinem: The mother of feminism and all her glory. Bless her for her cutting-edge journalism, for her political efforts in the 70's, for founding Ms. Magazine, and for pushing the envelope in the women's liberation movement. Without you, second-wave feminism would not be the same.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Do something new everyday: Week 5

Did I mention that club crawling was my job? Happy St. Patrick's Day folks!

1. Monday: Wacko/Soap Plant
I. Love. This. Bookstore. Yes, even more than Skylight, more than the Last Bookstore (it's too much), and definitely more than any rinky-dink Barnes and Nobles. Even though it's pretty spacious, it's not too big that you get lost, like Amoeba or any Forever 21 ever. There's an art gallery in the back and there's SO many cool trinkets and gadgets that you could find a gift for just about anyone here. Warning: they make you leave your purses and bags at the counter...they even took my coffee last time, but it was worth seeing the Jesus, Mary and Joseph shot glasses set on the display table.

2. Tuesday: California Science Center
Shit is free. The most obviously rad thing here is the Space Shuttle Endeavor, but the other exhibits have enough hands-on activities that'll keep you busy for hours. For example, I literally watched a chicken hatch from it's egg for about 30 minutes...and I'm not ashamed. They also have some cool rides and activities that cost an extra two or five dollars.

3. Wednesday: Cafectico Organico
This little gem has been added to one of my favorite coffeeshops, even though I have to take a train to Silver Lake to get to it. It's tucked away down a street, but the coffee is cheap, the Internet free and the outlets widely accessible. Because of its location, it's never as busy as some other coffeeshops in Hollywood, which is a nice change. There's even a gelato shop next door in case you are craving something sweet.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons. 

4. Thursday: Vista Theater
Going to this movie theater makes me mad that I ever went to Arclight and paid $16 a ticket in the first place. A Matinee ticket is only $6.50 and boy, is it worth it. There is only one movie playing at a time, but the theater is ginormous— about the same as seeing a movie at Paramount Studios. There is a very grand and old-time Hollywood feel to the theater and the service.

5. Sunday: Temecula Bluegrass Festival
I think I went to see a bluegrass band maybe once when I was working at Encore Magazine back in Wilmington, but I'm pretty sure that at least three years ago. My friend told me about this festival and invited me as an alternative to staying in L.A. Since it was St. Patrick's Day and I was in need of something different, I was all for it. And of course, it was free. To my surprise, it was AMAZING. One of the things I love about bluegrass the most is that it is just a group of people (mostly men, regrettably),  pickin' away casually at their instruments and filling the lulls between songs with humorous repertoire. There's a laid-back feel to the songs that make you want to feel the grass on your toes and the sun on your back. I could have sworn I was back in the South.

Read last week's new events here.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Liza's Lingo

Liza dressed as Elton John, #casual. 

Today my best friend landed a big girl job with actual health benefits like dental (which is all I really care about), and I couldn't be happier. We are so close that it literally feels like I was the one that got the job...if only. Nevertheless, it gave me hope that I too can achieve dental benefits and I am absolutely giddy with delight. One, because this means she can finally afford a flight to see me in L.A., and two, it's one less millennial that is unemployed. I dedicate this post to her and her ridiculous sayings and phrases that I've acquired throughout the years. She's a loud, fiery black woman trapped in a small, ginger girl's body.

1. NBD (No big deal): I've known her for four years and I'm embarrassed to say that it took me two years to figure out what this meant— despite the fact that she used this acronym almost every day. Example of NBD used in a sentence: "I hung out with Shaun White at the Roosevelt last night, NBD."

2. Hangry: The birth child of "hungry" and "angry," used in instances where you are so ravenous, you are irritable. If I haven't eaten in six or more hours and there is something or someone keeping me from food, I am definitely hangry. Beware of hangry people because they tend to resort to physical and verbal abuse for so much as a donut.

3. VOM.COM: Eliza uses this at the end of sentences where she expresses something that is terribly disgusting or cringe-worthy, mostly having to do with relationships. Example: "My friend just Instagramed a picture of her and her boyfriend's text messages saying 'I love you' to each other, VOM.COM."

4. Ganglebot: Any species of a human that is incredibly tall and has long, lanky limbs. Or in other words, anyone that resembles this guy:

Photo of Russell Brand via Wikimedia Commons

5. Sorry not sorry: This is when you do something you know that you should feel guilty about, but you just don't give a damn. I think this may be the millennials' mantra for this generation. Example: "I've already had four mimosas and it's only 3 P.M. on a Wednesday— sorry not sorry!"

6. SQUEEEEE!!!: I'm trying to remember the origin of this, and contrary to popular belief, it didn't come from Snookie and the Jersey Shore. A few years ago, Eliza and I were at a pig pickin' for a fraternity event (I'm not proud to say this), and there was a middle-aged woman who was extremely loopy from drinking god knows how much moonshine. She got so shwasted that she proceeded to scream "SQUEEEEEEE!!!" over and over in various high-pitched tones in the middle of the party. So now, whenever we are so exuberantly happy that we can't find any other way of expressing our excitement, we say "SQUEEEEEEEE!!!" instead.

7. Stop it.: There has to be a period after this phrase because it needs the sense of finality to show how serious you are. This is one of my personal favorites and I use it at least 10 times a day because that's the minimum amount of times that I want people to stop it. It's short, abrupt, but still means business. Example:
(Me): "I just saw this man in a wheelchair stand up and walk across the street to buy a beer."
(Eliza): "Stop it."

8. I mean...: I'm pretty sure this is in the first chapter of Sarcasm 101. You use this simple phrase at the beginning of a sentence when you are describing something in disbelief. Example: "I mean...a British snake handler and Adele impersonator is in the same audition as me, is this real life?"

9. Truelife: One word and not the MTV reality show. The second cousin to "I mean...," this word is used to reiterate that this really is your life, though it might not seem plausible or believable.  Example: "I have $8.00 to my name until next Friday, truelife."

10. Holler: Eliza has this tattooed on her bottom lip, it is so integrated into her life. You can tell she's drunk when she starts showing everyone the tattoo, but that's another story. You can use this word in a variety of ways, like expressing excitement or as a verb when you are pursuing a guy/girl romantically. Example: "Eliza got offered a job at Duke Energy today! Holler!"
"I tried to holler at this cute guy on the Metro today, but I got distracted by a homeless man banging his head on the windows,"

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reasons Why I'm Obsessed With Gingers

1. I have the same sort of instant connection with all Gingers— similar to the love connection between Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the world.

2. I am enthrallingly interested in what an Asian and Ginger baby would look like.

3. The Ginger race is endangered and I want to collect them while I can.

4. They will ALWAYS make me laugh, whether it be with them or at them.

5. They have no souls, which will go well with my black heart.  

6. If I'm bored, I can waste time by counting their freckles.

7. My best friend is a ginger, and therefore none of this is racist or offensive.

8. It is probably scientifically proven that gingers are notorious for being sassy.

9. I've already come up with handful of universal nicknames for them, such as: Gingy, Gingersnap, Baby Carrot, and Trusty Rusty.

10. Queen Elizabeth I, Elton John, Lucille Ball, Margaret Sanger, and Vincent Van Gogh were all redheads.

Lost in Los Angeles

Move to Los Angeles on a dream carried by one phone interview and the inherent certainty that you're meant for something better than a small town in the South. Shove all the things that you think matter most to you in your compact car, only to find that it doesn't fit. Repack and give the rest as farewell presents to your friends that actually showed up at one in the morning to say goodbye. Spend two amazing weeks on the road with your best friend across the country. Sleep on stranger's couches because you don't want to pay for hotels. Pray that you don't die, get raped, or kidnapped and held for ransom. Call your mother every day to reassure her none of these things happened.

Realize that you're in L.A. as soon as the freeway traffic comes to a screeching halt. Grab the keys to your new apartment that you've never seen before, to finally meet your roommate that you've never met before. At long last arrive "home" to realize that you're not actually home at all, but in a strange building filled with strange people, perched on a hill. Dread the day that your best friend leaves to fly back and when the day does come, truly feel alone.

Find a night job as a hostess at a restaurant that you're pretty sure has only hired you because you're Asian. Push yourself to work this job and the unpaid internship 14 hours a day, 5 days a week until you crash on your bed every night from exhaustion. Keep yourself constantly busy so you can forget how much you miss your friends and family. Try to make more of a conscious effort to meet and hang out with people from work and your apartment building. When you have moments of self-doubt, tell yourself, "This is temporary— you aren't going to be working at a restaurant forever, and you will find new best friends."

On your days off, you try to explore your surroundings and let the city sink in. And after a while, it does. You eventually learn how to parallel park and read the street signs, even though your fear of driving never really goes away. You memorize the Metro routes and give up your seat to the disabled and elderly. You discover hiking, yoga, zumba and make an effort to eat healthier because that's the L.A. way. You get used to beautiful weather every day, but still miss the rain.

After three months, you find yourself no longer with an internship or restaurant job. You promise to yourself that come the new year, you will never again do another internship or food service industry job ever again. You feel settled, but not content. You spend your days at different coffee shops applying to job, after job, after job. You notice that no matter what time of day, the coffee shop is always packed. Have a sinking suspicion that no one in L.A. actually has a real job either. Begin to toy with the idea of what a "real job," even means, and find yourself applying to receptionist and secretarial positions in the hopes that it might turn out like The Devil Wears Prada.

Months go by and you feel like you're passing your days in mediocrity and routine. Find that you have grown tired of the hustle of Hollywood, the stench of the crazies roaming the streets, and the carefree lifestyle of Los Angelenos. You despise the sexism of the entertainment industry, the hypocrisy of the hipsters and the selfishness of the artists trying to "make it." You even start to question the loyalty of the people that you've met, and compare them to the friends you have at home. You grow restless and despite trying to remain optimistic, you can't shake the panicked feeling that you might never find the mythical job, or the dream. Wonder if your standards are too high, that you need to swallow your pride and settle for something lower.

L.A. has turned you insecure, awkward and selfish. Nothing phases you anymore because you live in the land of the ridiculous. You judge everyone because you constantly feel judged in return. And in spite of living in one of the biggest cities in the world, you feel more alone than ever. You stay, however, because you can't return without having anything to show for it. And deep down you know that if you go back to that small town in the South, you'll be even more unhappy. You also know that it's not the place that makes you unhappy, it's the uncertainty— and that's okay, because everyone will go through this in their life. You know that it'll pass and one day you will look back and it will all seem so small, in the grand scheme of things. This is merely a rough patch on the road to success and self-discovery.

So here you remain, lost in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shit People Say in Hollywood 2

Some standard graffiti when walking down Hollywood Blvd.

Oh, but it's so close! (whilst parallel parking)

Let's go tanning on the Griffith lawn.

Did you hear Friday is Asian Night?

I can't, I'm working on my screenplay...

Isn't that that girl from that show that got canceled?

Is this non-GMO? Gluten-free? Non-dairy? Vegan?

Ugh, I hate tourists.

Why is it so cold?!

Hollywood isn't what I thought it was going to be...

Is it happy hour?

Damn it, I forgot my tap card!

What does that street sign say?

Does anyone have a job in Hollywood?!

Does the Farmer's Market sell Girl Scout cookies?

Omgsh have you tried Boba??

Do you ever get the feeling that everyone at Trader Joe's is hooking up?

Read the first Shit People Say in Hollywood here.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Do something new everyday: Week 4

Sorry for the pregnant pause in blogging folks— all I can say is that I blame the post Oscar blues and the freaky rain/hail that fell on Los Angeles last week. Anyways, we are back in business! Here is what  I DID manage to do last week:

I've only been to Manhattan Beach once before and that was at night where I only went to a handful of some small dive bars. In daytime, it remarkably reminded me of my home in Wilmington, NC and the charm of Wrightsville Beach. After changing out of my interview clothes in my car awkwardly, I had a leisurely stroll around the boardwalk and down the wide pier. The view was glorious, and it was good to finally feel sand beneath my feet for a while. There's also a delicious creamery shop near the water that has bangin' red velvet ice cream. 

My FAVORITE museum by far! They have this awesome thing called Free Tuesday (self-explanatory), so there's really no reason to pay for admission if you can make it during the week. This place was absolutely massive and took me about three hours altogether. It's the kind of the museum that has a whole bunch of hands-on activities and fun learning tools that makes you want to shove kids out of the way...until you realize that you're an adult. You can get lost in their bird exhibit and I got to see two beetles having sex in the insect zoo, so this was probably the highlight of my week. 

The 'Bun Cha Gio,' aka spring rolls with rice noodles. 

Wednesday: Pho Cafe
Probably the best pho that I've had in Los Angeles so far. Located in Silver Lake, it's easy to miss because the name is not on the building. There is no name; the only reason why I knew it's called Pho Cafe is because of the menu and tracking it down on Yelp. It's one of those hole in the wall places that has a line out the door at odd hours and always seems to be packed full. The service is quick though, and the prices very cheap. Bring cash because they don't take cards! 

This museum, like the National History Museum, is located in Exposition Park and has free admission every day. There are fewer exhibits than I expected, but it specifically talks about African American culture and art in Los Angeles and California. They also hold a lot of lectures and events for Women's History Month, which I thought was pretty rad. 

Mammy! Photo by Wikimedia Commons

My roommate got yet another extra ticket for the theater, this time at a quaint and intimate little theater that is snuck behind a cafe. This time it was to see "Hattie...What I Need You to Know," an one-woman bio-musical that is written and performed by the one and only Ms. Vickilyn Reynolds. The play tells the true story of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American actor to win an Academy Award for her role of Mammy in Gone with the Wind. My next goal is to find her two stars (one for radio and one for acting in motion pictures) on the Walk of Fame...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Do something new every day: Week 3

After the weekend I got sick, so I did less active things towards the end of the month. Damn you allergies.

Saturday: L.A. Zoo 
In all honesty, the North Carolina Zoo was way better than this, but L.A. treated it like it was a theme park. First of all, NEVER go to the zoo on a Saturday afternoon. The line was ridiculous despite my thinking that no one really took this zoo seriously. Located in Griffith Park, the grounds are big enough that it could take all day. The main exhibits were the Asian elephants, gorillas, and the LAIR, which they housed all the amphibians, including a clinic where they housed baby snakes.

Sunday: The Old Zoo
This place is super cool. It's a nice little park area where the old Los Angeles zoo was, so you can literally walk around in the empty animal habitats from decades ago. It has a little bit of a creepy feel, but it also is a great place to go exploring and hiking. The trails are not that strenuous, but you can always branch off to the more serious hikes close by.

In historic Echo Park, Angelino Heights is made up of elegant Victorian-era residences, including the house in the TV show Charmed.

Monday: Greystone Mansion
This Beverly Hills mansion allows the public to walk around their gardens and yard. Although you can't actually go inside the mansion, there is still a lot to see. The view of LA absolutely breathtaking and since there are lot of benches, I did some reading while I was on the grounds. I even met a delightful man who happened to be the Managing Director and Artistic Director of Theater 40. He told that his theater put on a production every year where Greystone allowed the public to actually go indoors. The play, which is called "The Manor," is an exciting drama of history and mystery based on the true murder that took place at Greystone. Needless to say, I'm definitely going to be attending come July!

Tuesday: Los Angeles Central Public Library
I forgot what going to the library was like. I forgot how satisfying it was to own a library card. UNTIL NOW. My roommate recommended this library because 1. It has FIVE floors and 2. It has five floors. Need I say more? It was like being in college again and having my own little cubicle to study and read in. Except for the Internet...the wifi blows.

Boba 7
After checking out Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and getting frustrated with the wifi, I decided to get some actual work done at Boba 7, where I must say the Internet is much, much better. This little hole in the wall is located in the very back of an Asian restaurant and has only been open 8 months. The Boba is fantastic and you will get a free upgrade in size if you check in there on Facebook!

Wednesday: It's Pho
Never go here. Seriously, it put's my Vietnamese heritage to shame. I got a Bun Thit Nuong and the noodles were overcooked and as we Viets know, the noodles make the dish. Also, the menu said that the correct pronunciation of Pho was (fir). Um...no. Incorrect.

Thursday: Caffe Etc.
For a person that basically lives at coffeeshops, I'm surprised that I haven't been to this one yet. It's surprisingly pretty roomy and has a full newstand where you can take a magazine and read at your pleasure.

Friday: The Abbey
So ever since the first day that I was in Los Angeles, I was told that The Abbey was a must-see. Located in Weho, it obviously is a gay club, though according to a friend "it's less gay now." On a Friday night, the club is PACKED. It's filled with go-go dancers in see-through tighty whities who will wow you by climbing on the ceiling beams and hump the roof. At least I was impressed. What was more, a guy even gave me a white rose the end of the night. If only straight men treated me the way gay men do...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Shit People Say in Hollywood

On my first day in Hollywood, I saw a homeless man walk away from
a mattress that he probably lit on fire in the middle of the street...no big deal. 

Is the street cleaning today? Damn, I need to move my car...

Is that the guy from The Office? Or is it Big Bang Theory? Vampire Diaries?

I got my window smashed in this morning.

It smells like piss and pot.

The Walk of Fame should have a sign that says "slippery when wet."

Have you tried Stout? Go Burger? Juciy Burger?

Are you on the list?

Grilled Cheese Wednesday!

Wanna go hiking on Runyon? Or Griffith Park?

I don't go on Hollywood and Highland. Or Hollywood Blvd. at all, for that matter.

I wish I could get into Magic Castle...Do you know anyone in the club?

My promoter said he can get us free drinks and a table all night.

I can't believe this weather!

Where is the Walk of Fame?

Take a right on Cahuenga, get on the 101 to the 110 to the 134.

I hope my car is still where I left it...