Thursday, February 21, 2013

Poetry Hour: Sometimes we like to go to ZUMBA!

Sometimes we like to go to ZUMBA!
by Lisa Huynh and Rachel Kassenbrock 

We walked in the door, three dollars in hand
And entered the ballroom, wide open and grand
Then shyly took places at the back of the room,
When all of a sudden, the music starts. BOOM!

This little energizer bunny, Maria takes the floor
She moves at warp speed, I'm already footsore.
I'm flailing around my limbs like a drunken fool;
It's like trying to keep rhythm in a whirlpool. 

The more I try and follow, the more I get confused,
Because of this, those around me will likely leave bruised.
My feet feel heavy and my arms are in a jumble,
Nothing like faking sexy dance moves to make you feel humble!

I jump, I kick, I work up a sweat
If I stumble a little, hey, there's no need to fret!
This class is for fun, we're not putting on a show
Well, except for those gay men we'd all love to know.

Sometimes I just have to stop and laugh at myself– 
Shimmying and shaking around to a little elf.
Nevertheless, I leave in a jolly good mood,
My body, mind and spirit thrice renewed! 

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