Monday, February 18, 2013

Do something new every day

So I've been doing freelancing lately, which basically feels like I'm unemployed...which I basically am. Anyways, last weekend my friend's dad came to visit and enlightened us with his wise words.

"This period of unemployment is going to seem miniscule to you later on in the grand scheme of things," he said. He told us that he wished that he would have enjoyed his free time more when he was out of a job, instead of worrying about what was going to happen next.

I realized how right he was, and that I have been doing nothing but sit around in the apartment and mope. Needless to say, that was no fun in addition to applying for jobs all the time, which is already god awful and exhausting. It literally takes a toll on my body.

So this week I decided to take his words to heart and do something new every day. I was in Los Angeles for Pete's sake! Unlike Wilmington where there really was nothing to do, there is always something new and exciting going on in LA. So here's what I did last week:

Monday: Angels Knoll

Do you remember that scene in 500 Days of Summer where Zoe Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt sat on a bench and reconciled their breakup at the end of the movie? Well I found it. It's called Angels Knoll and it has a great view of downtown LA and is possibly my favorite spot in the city. Oddly enough, it is right above the Pershing Square metro station, which means I have passed it about 20-odd times without even noticing it was there. Another cool thing about Angels Knoll (besides the fact that they have free wifi), is that right beside it is a little mini train called Angels Flight, that will take you up and down this hill for 50 cents a ride. It's really just for aesthetics and lasts a total of five minutes, but it's definitely using your pocket change for.

Tuesday: Upright Citizen's Brigade (UCB)

This was what this blog post was all about.

Wednesday: Walt Disney Concert Hall

I first decided I wanted to visit the concert hall when I watched Celeste and Jesse Forever (which is a great movie, in case you haven't watched it yet). Once I realized that they gave self-guided tours for free, I was all in. They will just hold your photo ID and hand you over a little audio tour device that you can hold up to your ear if you don't have headphones. If you are bored and have a hour to spare, I would really recommend it.  You will learn a lot about architecture and the concert hall is really very huge. It even has an above ground garden that is a perfect place to sit on a bench and read a book.

Dita Von Teese Burlesque

If you are unaware of who Dita is, she is the Queen of Burlesque. She has been doing strip tease for over 20 years now, wears Swarovski crystals like they were sequins, basically invented the huge martini glass number, and was married to Marilyn Manson at one point. She is an overall badass and doesn't give a shit about what other people think. The other day, as a pre-Vday celebration, my friend invited me to go with her to Dita's show, "Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!" at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. 

It was pure entertainment. It was a full house made up of women in corsets and flamboyant gay men. 
 While it featured repeated numbers from the mistress of the ball herself, there were other performers that entertained the crowd in between. I was impressed by the diversity of the show. There was a very large woman who could do nipple tassle tricks, a man dressed in Marie Antoinette-esque attire and sung opera while steadily stripping out of his clothes (apparently he was on America's Got Talent), and there was a black woman who did cartwheels across stage to a New Orlean's themed number. It was sassy, funny and I doubt I will ever witness a burlesque show that would beat it. 

Thursday: Hammer Museum
Located in UCLA, this gem popped up on 101 Things to in Los Angeles and to my delight, I saw that it was free admission every Thursday. Parking is just $3 with verification and the exhibits include a variety of different artistic expressions, works and artists. It also is just big enough that you won't be suffering from sensory overload by the end of it.

Friday: Hike the Hollywood Lake Reservoir and Park

This turned out to be a three-hour long hike though to be fair, I was taking my dandy ole time. I had no idea this even existed, let alone was walking distance from my apartment, until a neighbor had mentioned it. I decided to hit two birds with one stone and go ahead and check out Lake Hollywood Park as well, which is an unofficial dog park. Hollywood tour vans like to take tourists up there so they can pose with the Hollywood sign. If you don't feel like an hefty hike, you can park by the reservoir, which has three different entrances, or the park.

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