Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Do something new every day: Week 2

Johnny Ramone, the most famous tombstone that I saw. 

Saturday: Hollywood Cemetery
So this might have been a little grim for a sunny Saturday afternoon. However, it was just a stroll down the road from my place (it's right beside Paramount Studios) and I wanted to check out the place that I would undoubtedly watch scary movies come summer. Honestly, I was expecting to see more famous people's names on the graves. However, there was a nice Jewish and Russian community of people at the cemetery, and to it's credit, there was no way that I saw all of the tombstones. Ironically, it was a very nice place to sit back, read a book and relax without the city noise. There were a lot of benches, a nice little pond with ducks and swans, and even some peacocks in cages. Yep, there were peacocks there. Don't ask me why because I don't know.

Sunday: Fremont Centre Theater 
My roommate had to do a review of Von Bach here, so I was lucky enough to tag along. I've been to a fair share of theaters in Los Angeles, but I have to say, this is one of my favorites. Located in the charming South Pasadena, you can tell that this is a great community theater that has lasted throughout the years not just because of the talented productions that they throw, but because of the gentile service that they give their audience. The play itself was a cleverly told horror/comedy story that was like Frankenstein and Dracula's hilariously confused baby child. According to my roommate's beautifully written review in Life in LA,
"On the whole, Von Bach effectively presents the trials and tribulations of filmmaking in Hollywood while, at the same time, providing two hours of unconventional, sidesplitting comedy." 

Monday: Whitley Heights
I found this little treasure on Yelp and after a long sedentary day, I wanted to go out for a nice little walk before sunset. Despite the fact that you have to hike up a hill that gives my hill a run for its money (which is saying a lot), the view and houses are worth it. It's a nice example of Spanish villas in Hollywood and it isn't crawling with tourists, which is always a plus.

Tuesday: Intelligentsia
Since I've moved to LA, my cousin has referred to this coffeeshop as "where the coffee snobs go." As a frequent coffeeshop inhabiter, I naturally had to. And I have to admit, it is the best coffee that I've ever had. The only downside is that there are not that many places to sit, let alone plug up inside, though there are plenty of seats outside. Also, they were playing songs like "Move Bitch (Get Out The Way)" and "Slim Shady." Not exactly the mood music for a coffeeshop. On the upside, the chocolate chip cookies are bangin'.

Wednesday: Sassafras
I mean...their name is Sassafras, the saloon is New Orleans themed, and they have a rotating liquor bottle contraction hanging from the ceiling above the bar– what is there not to like? Maybe it's because I have a very soft spot for New Orleans, but I pretty much fell in love with this bar immediately. The drinks are a little pricey, but to their credit, they are the doctors of mixology. And instead of boring bar snacks like pretzels or lollipops, they have hard-boiled eggs with salt and pepper shakers. Mind blown.

Thursday: LACE
Aka Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; not a museum of lace material. I can't believe I've been walking past this place for 8 months and haven't even noticed it on Hollywood Blvd. Needless to say, there's not that much to see. Surviving off of donations only, this place takes contemporary to the edge. I literally watched a clip of someone folding a piece of paper for 15 minutes while I was there. The highlight was this mountain of assorted costumes, masks and accessories in the back room. It's one of those places where I question if this is really art, or they are just completely bullshitting me.

Friday: UCLA Sculpture Garden/ Botanical Gardens
What the hell? Why didn't my alma mater have a sculpture and botanical garden?! Not fair. UCLA students basically have unlimited spots to chill out and relax outside of the library. I would throw picnics on the lawn of the sculpture garden ALL THE TIME. I would have memorized the names of the all the sculptures and whenever I would need to meet someone, I would tell them to find me by the "Woman and baby on hip" sculpture. As for the botanical gardens...I don't even want to know what students use all those hidden spots for.

Whoo! That was a full week! If you missed Week 1, read it here.

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