Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why Mindy Kaling is my role model

2. Her breakthrough role was cross-dressing as a young Ben Affleck with her best friend in "Matt and Ben," a play that they co-wrote together because they were bored.

3. She is a strong believer in "writing your own role," and lives by it.

4. She's successful actor even though she's a woman, minority, and not a size double zero. Gives people like me hope.

5. She was one of the writers of "The Office."

6. Her BFF is B.J. Novak, who I happen to have a huge Jewish crush on. 

7. She is freaking hysterical.

8. She also was once 22 and broke in a big city (but in NYC, though she moved to LA later on in her life). 

9. She is loyal to her best girl friends and know the unspoken rules and responsibilities of that role. Examples that she outlines in her memoir: "I will try to like  your boyfriend five times " and "I can borrow all of your clothes."

10. She doesn't fall under any of the awful Hollywood Asian stereotypes like ninjas, geishas, naughty school girls or math geeks that only hang out with other Asians. 

11. The exact level of fame that she wants is just right. Like Conan O'Brien, who makes money just being himself and is a notable comedian but manages not to be swamped by paparazzi every waking moment of his public life.

12. She doesn't take life seriously. She's not quite an adult yet and acknowledges that it's okay. 

13. She openly admits that she's chubby and never was an athlete.

14. She wrote Danny Castellano's character– my biggest celebrity crush as of yet. There's something incredibly endearing about his love/hate relationship with Mindy that I just can't look away. And that adorable crooked grin! I don't care how old he is, if he walked up to me right now I would without a doubt marry him on the spot. 

15. She LOVES romantic comedies despite the fact that she knows they are absolutely awful and probably makes Elizabeth Cady Stanton squirm in her grave. 

16. Having said that, she IS making a stand for women in the media, whether it's a conscious effort or not. Along with Girls' Lena Dunham, Mindy is finally permitting viewers to see real women on screen in real life situations. Us girls can finally relate to these shows because (shocker) women are writing and directing them. 

17. She worked with John Krasinski, the role model for which my dream man is derived from.

18. She is a huge comedy nerd since she was a child and I love it. It's refreshing to see a female comedian do comedy well instead of barking out sexual jokes to compensate for the fact they are the only woman comedian in a room full of men (I've witnessed this train wreck before at many a comedy club). 

19. She has photo evidence that she writes in bed like I do. 

20. She has an impeccable sense of style...or at least her stylists do.

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  1. I love her. She is amazing. Mindy Kaling=wisdom.