Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So LA: Hair done did

I now know how Lady Gaga feels with all of her various headpieces

Boom diggity! Lo and behold: I'm practically a blonde.

After looking at all my split ends, I finally got the guts to go to a salon in LA after four good long years with my hair stylist from Wilmington. Conveniently, my cousin Mel had just posted a blog about her own stylist, Randy Madden, that she's been loyal to throughout the years. After a series of texts back and forth where I sent him pictures of Lea Michele's hair and him teaching me what the hell "Ombre" means, I committed to an appointment.

Doing my cut and color was a full day's work and I fell asleep through most of it. I love hair salons because one, it's a great place to eavesdrop; two, it's like getting a makeover each time you go, and three, I can just tune out and relax. What better way to ring in the New Year?

When he was done and flipped my hair to the front, I literally gasped looking at the mirror. I don't even look like the same person and it's FABULOUS. I love the dimension of the color, how many colors there are, and that it lightens up my features just in time for spring. So here's to you Randy, and letting me rant about my horrible LA date stories. Which reminds me– I should blog about that.

Bye-bye black bird; hello California blonde!

For more information about Randy and his work, go here

Obligatory Myspace picture to the right. 

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