Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shit my friends say from home

One of the best things going home for the holidays was being able to witness my friends' hilariousness again. Each of them have their own unique sense of humor, but I think we could all agree that we have that sassy sarcasm in common. Put us all together and our snarkiness thrives; everything seems funny. Things just come out of our mouths before we can take it back, and every moment is a comedy. I'm still convinced we could make it as a Bravo TV show.

Take us going on a "chill night" out when I arrived, for example. All of us ended up spending a ridiculous amount of money, taking over the foosball table and dancing in a circle at the bar to the Supremes. One of us almost got in a fight with a stranger because she sprinkled red pepper on his pizza when he went to get napkins. Turns out he doesn't like red pepper flakes.

Maybe it is just an accumulation of our inside jokes, but I took the liberty of jotting down some favorite quotes that my friends said on my phone while I was home. Here's a compilation that I made:

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