Monday, January 7, 2013

5 Things I ran into on the way to Runyon Canyon

After six months of living in Hollywood, you would think that I would have been to Runyon Canyon by now. But nay, the only reason why I made the 5 minute car ride over there was because I had to move my Honda for street cleaning this morning. Turns out that godforsaken rule might be the key to my motivation to exercise every Monday and Tuesday. These are the things that I ran into on my way to the infamous Runyon: 

1. A Christmas Tree. As I went to move my car two minutes before I risk getting ticketed (you will notice that there is only one other car left besides mine), I saw that someone had left a holiday token on the side of the street. Did they think that the sparse greenery that is on the side of the hill mask the fact that they just ditched their tree on the road? The dumpster is literally just around the corner. Or maybe someone just forgot it...highly unlikely. Knowing this street that tree will probably rot forever before someone has the good sense to haul it out of the way. There was a couch once that sat beside that light pole for 3 whole months before someone took it. 

2. Incognito Homeless Person. I felt so bad for this guy (or girl) driving to Runyon. I almost stopped on Hollywood Blvd. to make sure they were still alive, but then I saw some rustling beneath the three different blankets. I don't blame them– despite it being LA it gets pretty cold in the mornings. And by cold I mean like 45 degrees. 

3. A Confusing Map. Since I feel more secure with directions, my first order of business after I parked was to look at this map. From what I could tell, there are two main routes– one more vigorous than the other. I chose to take the more tame one since it was my first time. What I thought was more interesting that beneath the map were hooks that people hung their car keys on. That was the most trusting thing that I had ever encountered, considering it's a big city but then again I guess you would have to hunt down all the Honda's or Saturn's on the streets before you could find the right car. 

4. Walkway to Trail. This entrance was the first indication that I like Runyon WAY more than Griffith Park. First off, there is so much more to look at. There's actual greenery everywhere and lush plant life rather than just dirt road and horse poop. Secondly, because it's also a dog park, there's plenty of adorable pups for you to pet and gawk at. Which leads to the final thing I ran into...

5. This guy. Or girl. Though by judging from the leopard coat it's probably a female. This little nugget stopped following her master to trail me instead. Strangely enough, her owner did not seem to mind and I had a small shadow beside me for about a quarter of the hike until she finally took off. Apparently I walk really slow. 

And of course, there's these beautiful scenes all around you: 

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