Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weird Jobs: Club Crawl Host

Yeah, this happened. I feel so stereotypically LA that I did this, but after a week of unemployment I caved and decided to get a weekend gig that I never, ever thought that I would ever do.

A week earlier, my cousin and I had an itch to dance. So we looked online and stumbled on this tour called the Hollywood Club Crawl on Yelp, which brought a large group (30-100 people) every Friday and Saturday night out to four different clubs with no cover fees. We thought that it sounded like a pretty good deal, so we paid the $20 fee and showed up. It turned out to be an awesome time and in the end we definitely did what we had set out to do: dance.

That weekend, I looked on their website again, which said that they were always looking for new people to guide the group around. I emailed the founder of the club crawl on a whim and said that I was interested in being a host. I ended up interviewing with him (the easiest one I ever had to go through) and he said that I could start right away.

Boom: I was a host of HCC. I don't think I've ever tried less than on this job. I literally get paid to get drunk and my only job requirement is to lead people from club to club. That's it. I'm basically a professional people herder. That hour at the club, however, is all mine and I'm allowed to do whatever I want to with it: drink, dance with the guests, eat tacos, whatever.

Some random people I met at club crawl the night of, no big deal.  

Oh, and here's a bonus: I get free drink tickets. FREE! Do you know how much drinks cost in Hollywood?! You can get charged $14 for a house vodka and ginger! It's ludicrous. I had promised myself that if I took this job, I would not spend the money that I'm making hourly and it turned out to be easier than I thought.

Plus I get to meet all the doormen/women, bouncers and managers of each of of these clubs. If at all else, I now have an "in" at all of the bars around Hollywood, since the crawl changes venues every day and week. I seriously wish I had thought of applying to this sooner. I could have used this when I was standing, waiting in line or paying a cover to get into a club. Obviously it is a part-time gig and hardly doing anything to my bank account but nevertheless, the networking opportunity is amazing.

Of the guests, I have met all sorts of foreigners, from a group of 40 Australians for a bachelorette party, to a couple of Englishmen who thought that America's national anthem was "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. My response: "It's not, but I did play that song on Independence Day."

The other hosts are all great too. One of them said he works as a TV marketing manager at the CW Network, but he does this on the weekends because it's fun. The head honcho and founder of the company trained me on Friday, and at the last club came up to me to say that we were off the clock so there was no need for me to "work" anymore. At this point I was on stage at club Eden with the Englishmen and doing gangnam style. "I'm not working!" I yelled back at him over the music.

On Saturday, I got to work with different hosts. The first thing that the guy in charge said to me was, "A forewarning: I work a lot more differently than Jason. We like everyone to just get fucked up, and everything stays between us." He's been working for the company for two years.

Best. Job. Ever.

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