Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Four Corners & Grand Canyon: Scenic Overload

Never have I ever been surrounded by so much natural beauty in my entire life. Until the Grand Canyon. The Four Corners was another story. When I lived in Wilmington I worked at a sushi restaurant and one night, the sou chef drew me a sample route for my road trip on a napkin in the kitchen. He told me that I should go to the monument so that I could say that I was in four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah) at the same time. "Why not?" I said in response.

Really, it's not that much to dish about; it literally is just purely made for bragging rights. That and it happens to be a part of Navajo Country, which means that the location itself is very remote and there were tents surrounding the monument. Visitors can buy Navajo jewelry from vendors and artisans while they're at the monument. I bought a pair of turquoise studded earrings from a woman who looked like she had been working there for about 60 years, and Jordan bought a bracelet for his mom.

The Grand Canyon, however, was breathtaking. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, after all.  And the best way for me to describe it is through pictures. Just a forewarning, however: this is only about half of what the real thing is like.

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