Thursday, December 6, 2012

So LA: Celebrity Run-Ins

Nicho shot this really quick on his phone before Mr. Boone drove away. 

Living in Hollywood pretty much guarantees that you will run into celebrities. The problem is that they are most likely B-List actors– the kind that you will recognize their face but won't know their name. Seriously, I need someone to invent a Shazam equivalent for celebrities that will tell you who the hell they are if you take a picture of their face. App creators out there– I'm talking to  you.

Now I'm not one who goes up to the actor/celebrity and asks them their name, but I am a quick Googler. I just want to know why their face looks so freaking familiar, when it comes down to it. However, if I saw Grace Potter, Sara Bareilles or Gloria Steinem at the grocery store, I would go jack crazy.

Here is a list of the celebrity run-ins that I've had so far:

1. Main actor in Diary of a Mad Black Woman: Kimberly Elise
I saw her the other day at a coffee shop across from my apartment building called Solar de Cahuenga. I recognized her as she was standing in line with her fierce hair and hoop earrings. I instantly googled "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" on IMDb and compared images until I was certain it was her.

2. Man with crazy hair from Sons of Anarchy: Mark Boone Junior
Homeboy was just standing at the front of a market in Franklin Village on Grilled Cheese Wednesdays night. I didn't even notice that it was him until several people from my group pointed it out (they are a bunch of actors themselves). And then he just hopped onto the back of his Harley and revved off.

3. Guy from The Office: B.J. Novak 
I saw  B.J. standing in line at Starbucks where my cousin works. She says that he comes in all the time at that location. Again, I Google imaged him to assure that they were the same person at my coffee table. He was right in front of me at that point so it was pretty easy.

4. Main actor in Footloose (2011): Kenny Wormald
Kenny was my first-ever celebrity sighting in Hollywood and oddly enough it was also at the Solar cafe. He was wearing a hoodie and some fresh Nikes (very different from his attire in Footloose), and I did a double take. It took me a full 24 hours before I realized what movie he was in.

5. Dylan in Modern Family: Reid Ewing
The only one from the bunch that I've talked to, but that is only because my cousin is friends with him. She said that she met him on the street walking his dog Racky, and asked if he was the guy from Modern Family. He said "yes," and then she invited him to see our roof. Best pick up line ever; I really need to start using it to lure famous people into my apartment. Then again, the chances of that working on other celebrities are probably slim to none.

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