Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Kiss Requirements

One of my best friends from home, Hugo and I came up with the genius idea to make business cards for tonight to solve our New Year's kiss problem. We were driving downtown to get me some sequin accessories when I started thinking aloud.

"I'm tired of kissing losers who I won't see again and guys that lie about their nonprofit job where he teaches little disabled kids surf for a living! I have standards now...I have requirements!"

Boom. Several hours later Hugo and I created business cards that we plan to pass out to guys to see if they fulfill our requirements. Actually, we'll probably just show them a PDF of it off our phone to be more cost efficient. If they don't meet everything on the list: bye, next in line. If they do: heyyy how you doin'?

Don't judge us: we are single and have no one to kiss on New Year's. Also, we were watching The Mindy Project while designing them and thought that it was a good idea to come up with an alias or as Mindy likes to call it– a warrior name (hers is Beyonce Pad Thai). Mine is "Wonder Wonton," Hugo's is "Jalapeno Schmidt." Now, observe away:

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