Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flagstaff Part 2: Keep it Funky

Harry's featured breath spray called "DANG." Freaking hilarious. 

On the second day we met up with Annie's other couchsurfer that would be staying with her. He showed up at the arts festival in town with a hiking backpack, a full-grown beard and piercing blue eyes. It was hard to tell with all the facial hair, but he was actually just 23 and had backpacked all the way from Kansas City "just because," he said. He told us about how he had tried to hike cross country before, but ended up getting dehydrated in the middle of the desert and had to go to the Emergency Room. He was determined to do it again, however, and finish it. His name was Joseph.

That night, Annie accepted yet another couchsurfer's late request and who was driving from Florida. His name was Harry. He arrived with some cans of black beans and hot sauce for dinner, and a colorful hippie necklace. After talking with him a little bit longer, we found out that he had worked as a private flight attendant in the past, but was currently trying to run his own business called "The World Funk." This new business featured a variety of products, including his own homemade absinth brew and a herbal, mint breath spray.

I think it's safe to say that Harry is one of the most interesting people I've ever met. That said, the gang wanted to go out to a rave that night and party. I was feeling a little bit tired, however, and decided to stay back with Joseph for once. We ended up staying up talking all night about each other's life philosophies and beliefs. To this day he still is the only person that I've gotten along with from Kansas City.

The next morning, I went to pick up Jordan from Annie's friend's house where they had slept. We all went out for breakfast and the white elephant in the room was that it was finally time for Jordan, Harry and I to leave. Joseph was going to stay with his friends in Flagstaff for a few more days before heading back home to Kansas City. It was hard, however. Although it had only been three days, Jordan and I felt at home in Flagstaff. Perhaps it was because it was the first time we actually stayed with a family, perhaps it was because of the strong connection between all of us, or maybe I could see myself actually living there. Nevertheless, Jordan and I were on a schedule, and we wanted to arrive in LA soon. It had almost been two full weeks on the road at that point, and although we LOVE Couchsurfing, it would be nice to stay in our own beds and couches for once and be settled.

Annie's mantra that she posted on her bathroom mirror. I think every person should live every day by this. 

As we drove away from Flagstaff, Jordan and I were all tears. Annie and Brenna had raced us back to the house from breakfast in an attempt to keep our luggage away so we couldn't leave. They ended up slowing falling asleep, however, which is when we took the opportunity to sneak away– although not before we said goodbye to Annie's mother and grandmother first. We promised to stay in touch, and actually knew for certain that we would.

Next stop: Vegas.

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