Monday, December 24, 2012

Be Nice for the Holidays

Don't be this guy.
Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Today I was in line at the Fresh Market with my mom. The cashier seemed to be taking longer than usual and it appeared to be some confusion to do with the payment method. The two ladies that were waiting were noticeably getting more and more frustrated at the cashier and in turn more vocal. One of them ended up barking orders at the cashier on what to do, blatantly rolling her eyes and pointing in the poor girl's face.

"Do you not understand that I want $50 on my card?!"

"No, go over there and get the receipt– I don't know what you just did to my card!"

After the cashier (her nametag read "Allyson" I saw) apologized sincerely to her, the woman just yelled, "Are you an idiot? Just call over your manager...UNBELIEVABLE."

I think Allyson was about to cry. I was appalled at the customer's behavior. It is CHRISTMAS EVE for Pete's sake, so naturally the market was crowded with people and long lines. Yes, maybe Allyson was a bit slow but as someone who has worked in the service industry for 6 years, she probably just started the job a few days ago– judging from her lack of the knowledge of the buttons and how her manager had to guide her through the process once she finally came.

"What if that was your daughter behind the counter and some rude customer was yelling at her for making a honest mistake?" I wanted to ask the woman. I mean, come on. There is just NO reason to be that disrespectful to another human being. It wasn't like she deserved it: she was giving absolutely no attitude back, and you could tell she was really sorry. I understand that everyone wants to get their groceries and go home and out of the mayhem, but the girl sure is not making enough money to hear that woman's bad manners.

So the moral of the story is ladies and gentlemen, is to be nice for the holidays. Don't be naughty. Don't be Scrooge. Don't be a piece of shit. It make's me angry and is a complete buzzkill on my holiday spirit.

And if by chance you DO see someone being rude to the cashier, do what you can to speak words of reassurance afterwards. You don't have to exactly go up to the customer and say that they should rot in hell, or buy the cashier a Christmas tree, but just say something uplifting that will at least get the victim get through the rest of their shift.

Once the mad women had left I asked Allyson how she was doing, if she was okay, and quickly said a simple, "She shouldn't have spoken to you like that." That was it, but I think that it was enough to let her know someone is on her side.

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