Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Posts Coming Soon!

Wingapo! You've probably stumbled on my blog by accident, or you have my same name (many people do) and was greeted with the overwhelmingly blank space below.  

But posts ARE coming! I swear. 

I'm working out a few kinks and thought that releasing my blog during Thanksgiving and Black Friday would be a bit counterproductive. Let's be serious– everyone would rather be eating Grandma's stuffing and looking for the best deals at Best Buy than bothering with the Internet. And then I needed the weekend to digest and hope that hiking on Runyon Canyon will hopefully lose the pounds that I've gained. 

Which means that the real posts will be up MONDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH! 

So please come back to read. I like seeing the line go up on the graph in my blog stats. 

Your Neighborhood Feminist   

P.S.– For those of you that don't know:Wingapo = "Hello" in Pocahontas. 

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