Monday, November 26, 2012

A Short Post-Thanksgiving Thanks

My banner would not look so freaking awesome if it weren't for these wonderful and creative people:

1. Mel– my beautiful cousin for allowing me to jump on board with her photo shoot and letting me steal Nicho for my own purposes. She also just recently started her own brilliant fashion blog Mel From the Nido which everyone should check out (shameless family advertising I know).

2. Nicho– my awesome neighbor and photographer responsible for my banner and profile photo.

3. Max Sebold– my talented best friend from NYC who even after three years of not seeing each other, picked up my phone call and edited my banner photo without hesitation.

And of course, I want to thank everyone that have been a part of my adventures cross country, all the Couch Surfers that have made me felt welcome in their home and in L.A., and the city itself for finally inspiring me enough to get my ass in a coffee shop and spit this blog out.

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